Thursday, March 6, 2008

I respond to "Baby on Board" car decals. At least, I try harder not to hit a car that has one.

I scratch my head when I see family sticker decals, though. You've seen them--colorful depictions of people on white stickers. Sitting at a stoplight, you can find out that the person in front of you is married, has one daughter who plays tennis, another daughter who takes ballet lessons, a son who plays little league baseball, and a dog. I once saw a car that had stickers that covered the entire length of the back windshield. Are these stickers some sort of badge of honor? "I have a family! We are very active, and we like to show it on our vehicles!"

Also funny are the timely bumper stickers. "My child is an honor roll student at so-and-so elementary" is fine, but how about, "My child was student of the month at so-and-so elementary?" Recently, I saw a proud parent touting their student of the month as well as boasting, "My child had a perfect checkup at Dr. So-and-so!" You know that was just an attempt to stave off sibling rivalry. "Your brother is excelling in school, and you didn't have any cavities! Way to go!"


Stephen said...

what i hate more than child related bumper stickers are political and religious bumper stickers. aren't the rules of polite conversation never mention religion and politics.

the bumper sticker that pisses me off every time i see it, is that jesus is the reason for the season sticker. it's annoying at christmas time and even more annoying in the summer. i mean technically chanukah takes up more days in the month so it really has more real estate on the season than christmas. i'm sorry i have to get this rant out some where.

i want to get a bumper sticker that says "i hate bumper stickers"